Sitemap - 2023 - a little something sweet

the bb is here <3

banning driving on the highway

a short post about periods of transition

"I made a new friend while sorting my recycling!"

scenes from a dolly parton themed baby shower

"i'm pro-abortion/pro-choice, but..."

sweet & salty cinnamon whipped brown butter

an investigation into weird anti-abortion merch on Etsy

"i truly hate working. my dream is to be a stay home dog mom."

white choc cinnamon swirl puppy chow

fruity pebbles sugar cookies

more abortion news

"why does it have to be so complicated? truth, life, this?”

"my new boyfriend surprised me by taking me to a butterfly conservatory"

an upcoming book chat, pumpkin bread, and nursery things

"I never thought I would, but I feel like I met someone that’s close to 'my person'"

a sparkly photo blog

“Hey, yeah, um, I…I’m just calling to procure a hasty abortion.”

"after a brief convo about the Barbie movie, my partner thinks the patriarchy is an ‘exaggerated issue’"

using my own creation to process grief

sparkles + *anonymous gossip*

"Having a summer filled with friendship that feels almost unreal in its loveliness"

what to say when people say "you took out a loan and you should just have to pay it back"

"Thought my situationship was headed for the bf/gf label - got abruptly dumped last night"

happily pregnant & more pro-abortion than ever <3

what happens in vegas (2008)

"My bf is leaving me to date my boss and I don’t know what to do about it"

commodified passion

"a stranger silently shared her umbrella with me on my walk to the train"

milk & cookies...cookies (a new recipe)!

the family stone (2005)

"I spent the day building forts with a 5yo and it was a delight."

links, summertime sauce, how to brown butter

"I love that I’m starting to get wrinkles by my eyes."

what makes our best friends the best

the wedding singer (1998)

"my boyfriend planted blackberries in his yard cause he knows they’re my favorite"

"My goal is to be divorced by next Mother’s Day"

taste testing ranch flavored ice cream

an unintended villain in 10 Things I Hate About You: the nice guy trope

"I didn’t want to go with anyone but still sad nobody asked me to prom"

*a photo blog*

"my bf and I made 2 pounds of homemade mac & an 8 lb ham just for us"

in praise of the birthday week

She-Devil (1989)

"FINALLY dating my slow burn of 3+ years"

the making of a cookbook (part 1)

"I got my dream job and realized I don’t want it"

people in southern states are on the front lines of the pro-abortion movement

Join me on Notes

a close reading of The Wedding Date (2005)

"My favorite grilled cheese place is having free sandwiches for national grilled cheese day"

so, what's going on with mifepristone?

"I feel like the antagonist in everyone else's love story"

the joy and surrealism of being 30

the expert level mind games of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

introducing: Rom coms revisited through a feminist lens!

"I’ve never had an orgasm and I’m worried I never will"

50 reasons why 50 First Dates is the worst

Lost a zip up jacket on spring break and have cried multiple times over it as if I’ve lost a pet.

The Safety Kids to abolition pipeline (part 1)

action item: donate to support pro-abortion hero in TX!

"I got into an Ivy League grad program and a mediocre man is making me feel worthless."

"i'm suing your friends for a million dollars each bc i think you had an abortion"

"i'm in 21st grade (my PhD) and still feel imposter syndrome every day"

wednesday thread: happy women's day

AI apologies

friday thread: if you were a cookie, what kind would you be?

"I’ve been wearing my Invisalign 2 years longer than I should bc I just love how they feel"

evangelicals have abortions

monday thread: banana bread mix-ins (& the recipe!)

"I'm 27 and still suck my thumb"

Q: does Costco sell pregnancy tests?

sunday thread: how to ward off sunday scaries

recipe: *vegan* lemon raspberry cake

"i'm visiting my bff and her kids are AWFUL"

chocolate cake for your lover

"i’m a grown woman who is still scared of auto flush toilets"

wednesday thread: tell me how you baby yourself <3

it's OK to baby yourself

monday thread: valentine's gift ideas!

"my boyfriend and I got a puppy and I regret it 1000%"

Wednesday thread: best activities for power outages

never let anyone tell you you don’t deserve what you want

Sunday thread: your fave things about you

friday thread: best snacks

"I'm afraid I messed things up forever"

wednesday thread: comfort movies!

happy (canceled) 50th to roe

Monday thread: Abortion affirmations!

Friday thread: Let's make a mix tape.

sometimes getting back to normal means starting fresh

Wednesday thread: Book recs/wishes!

"let people misunderstand you"

Monday thread: Complain to me <3

"My ex unfollowed me on LinkedIn"

Kristen Bell approves this move to Substack

do you simply *need more secrets*?

"you could put trash in your pie crust and it would be good"